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African drum, commonly known as Djembe (Kimberley drum, Kimberley drum) from West Africa, is a representative musical instrument of Mandin culture in West Africa. Traditionally, Djembe is a bare-handed performance, mainly with low, medium and high notes, and needs to work with Dunun (pier drum) to play drums related to specific life scenes to accompany dancers and singers. Now Djembe has spread all over the world, playing its unique value in different fields of music and training.

The sound quality of drums from different regions is also different. Players usually place drum clips under their armpits to control the tightening of the drum rope by the clamping force of their arms, thereby affecting the tightness of the drum surface and adjusting the pitch of the drum. But in the final analysis, African drums are mainly composed of three notes: high pitched, alto and bass. All songs can be combined freely by these sounds.

The baritone is actually what we imagine playing the drum. The whole palm is on the drum face, guaranteeing that the palm is in the center of the drum face, the palm can be slightly arched, the fingers open close to the thumb, the palm exerts force, and no part of the hand can leave the drum face.