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Benin, a place in West Africa, formerly known as Dahomey, is famous for its multi-ethnic African culture and rich forest resources, making it one of the origins of the African drum (Djembe).

African tambourine is a typical percussion instrument of African local people. It not only deduces the rhythm in daily life, but also conveys the message. They give the rhythm a fixed signal to convey the specific things they want to express. Therefore, they do not have to go out of the house to know what happened in the village. Things, because the drums of African drums have conveyed the situation to everyone's mind, this method is also used by them on the battlefield, to pass instructions, so that the enemy can not understand the situation, we have to say, this wisdom is incomparable.

In the 13th century, the Mandins established the Mali Dynasty. The African drums were hand-made by blacksmiths. The shape of the drums came from the scoop of mashed grains, the shape of an hourglass, the opening at both ends, the goatskin wrapped around the larger opening and played with both hands. Later tribes fought endlessly, the population migrated, and the African drums spread in flames of war. Popular in various ceremonies and sacrifices, various characteristics of the famous race have been created.

The Djembe is hand-carved by a West African drummer master. The plant extracts are leather-treated, well-crafted and beautifully carved. It is older than the Conga and Bongo drums, and is related to the similar shape of the Doumbek. The African drum was spread to the Middle East through the ancient trade route of the Nile River in Egypt in ancient times. And around the world.

The tenor is similar to the baritone, but the tenor is made by tapping the drum at the root of the finger and relaxing the fingers. Like a whip, you drop your hand on the edge of the drum with the center of gravity on the fleshy part of the finger's root (between the palm and the finger's root). With its impact, the fingers naturally hit the drum quickly.